Podcast 6: The Importance Training Teachers in Using Technology as a Vital Part of CPD

Steve Molyneux
Steve Molyneux

The guest of this podcast is Professor Steve Molyneux. He is Chief Executive Officer at Tablet Academy and Professor of Global Education Leadership at Lamar University in Texas. Steve is currently lead one of UK’s largest independent education consultancy and teacher training organizations on Tablet Technology in the UK.

We are talking about good quality training for teachers in using technology at school. This is the step of creating a background for further education and getting ready for professional life for our kids. How to find the way to engage and reward teachers to explore and engage in their own professional development?
Why the companies that offer technology and tools for education that are based on technology are not focusing on educating teachers? What needs to be done for teachers to get engaged in using emerging technologies and tools?
We discover new tools that can be used in the classroom and talk on how to help teachers get on track with innovative technologies for teaching.
It is so important to teach kids road safety because we cannot influence road lights, so why don’t we teach children internet safety and give them social networking skills and technical understanding starting from the classroom?
Useful Links:
  1. Augmented Reality
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Educational Robotics
  4. Drones for Coding
  5. Drones for Classroom
  6. Microbit Website
  7. Duke of York iDEA (Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award) – Free Award Programme for people of all ages linked to learning digital skills.
  8. Tablet Academy. Team members at Tablet Academy are happy to visit UK schools and give a FREE, impartial consultancy visit
  9. YouTube channel. Tablet Academy offers a number of FREE Learning Festivals funded by Industry to schools across the country in STEM, Computing, Aeronautical Engineering, Computing, Robotics, Critical Thinking (CSI), and many more.  Tablet-academy/com/youtube
  10. Reward teachers for their CPD efforts with credits towards a US M.Ed degree
  11. Twitter
  12. Creating the Digital Educator by Steve Molyneux

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Podcast 6: The Importance Training Teachers in Using Technology as a Vital Part of CPD