CleverBooks creates awesome books for kids with educational content with personalisation and 3D reality options.

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CleverBooks is a creative company that creates personalised children’s Books with Clever Stories. Kids themselves are the main character in their own high quality printed book. We are inspired by our own kids and really happy to share this great experience with you! This is a proven fact that tales help kids in many ways to develop fantasy and imagination as well as to educate. So why not use tales and make the story personal? This is the concept we have applied in our books.

Shortlist-badge-2016ibyeWe proud to be one of 14 Irish companies selected from the first round of VOOM competition organized by Richard Branson and Virgin Media. We take part in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record™ for Longest business pitch marathon on 1 st /2 nd June 2016.

Also, CleverBooks became one of the finalists in LEO Fingal IBYE Competition in the Best StartUp Catetory in November 2016.

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Excited to see how the book for your kid will look like? Click the button below and you can create a digital version! We have the full book preview available!

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CleverBooks offers books with personalised tales for the kids centered around stories which both promote and reinforce key life skills training in areas such as personal hygiene and good behavior.

Personalised Children's Books with Clever StoriesPersonalised Children's Books with Clever StoriesPersonalised Children's Books with Clever Stories

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