Podcast 12: Innovating the Way We Educate. How Does the Classroom of XXI Century Look Like?

Yael Doron Drori

Yael Doron Drori is an experienced education consultant with 20 years of experience starting from teaching to being employed by Google and now working as an Education Consultant who is helping schools and government in Israel to innovate the way they teach today.

Yael Doron Drori is an innovation & learning specialist.

She’s a public speaker,  consultant to companies, lectures in an M.A. program at Bar Ilan University on Tecno-pedagogy, and an entrepreneur in the field of creative & flexible mindsets.

On her previous position, Yael was Education Lead at Google Israel and prior to that, Pedagogical Director at Education- Cities LTD.
Yael has a Master degree in Educational Consulting from Tel Aviv University and a Bachelor in Psychology from Ben Gurion University  and HBS Executive program.
Yael sees herself as a ‘translator’ of innovation and 21st century concepts to traditional crowds and believes in the power of all paople to be creators of change.

Have you thought of how the classroom in XXI century should look like? Technology is getting more powerful in our lives and it is changing the way we educate. Yael is talking about creativity and how to develop it for kids and adults. Creativity is a skill that is necessary to have in personal and professional life. One of the fields that is gaining power in the field of education is gamification of the learning process. Is it possible to combine creativity and game and prepare the kids for the future?

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Podcast 12: Innovating the Way We Educate. How Does the Classroom of XXI Century Look Like?