Podcast 11: Education and Technology Landscape in Israel

Avi Warshavsky
Avi Warshavsky

Avi Warshavsky is passionate about the opportunities (and challenges) the Internet culture brings to learning and teaching. Avi is running MindCET which is an ed-tech innovation center based in Israel. He has a wide range of experience focused on e-learning and e-books. Avi held a variety of positions in Management, in Israeli ed tech industry.

This podcast gives insights on Israel and point of view of our guest on how technology is used for education in Israel. Israel appears to be a country of entrepreneurship and innovation and there are many companies born, who provide interesting technology-based solutions that can be used in the classroom.

Thought for you: can you use 3D printing in your classroom? Are there any benefits and ways to do it?


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Podcast 11: Education and Technology Landscape in Israel