Podcast 9: A Teacher’s Voice on Technology in Education

Miriam Walsh
Miriam Walsh

Miriam is a Further Education teacher interested in emerging technologies and accessible learning. In 2011 she was part of a team that established the first school-based iTunes U platform in Ireland. This interest in online course creation resulted in her completing an MA in E-Learning Design and Development in 2016.

She is currently part of the Technology Enhanced Learning team at St. John’s Central College which aims to promote the integration of technology across further education. 

She has been an Apple Distinguished Educator since 2013 and has also served on the ADE Advisory Board for EMEIA. As part of this role, she has helped to organise #ADEchat which enables engagement between educators through an online weekly chat on Twitter. 

Last year she set up Apple Regional Training Centre Cork which offers free iPad training to teachers across the south of Ireland. In addition to these workshops, she has also offered training in Swift coding to various youth groups and educators across Ireland. 

Miriam is using Augmented and Virtual Reality for traveling and imagining they visit different countries. Thanks to the apps the whole class is able to travel to the countries of origin of multinational class students. Isn’t it great?

Technology in the classroom helps educators to enhance the learning process and gives the learners the power of owning their work, become directors, authors and producers of their own content. You can teach students coding and engage them in creative processes.

Useful Links:

  1. Apple Regional Education Center for Teachers (free courses)
  2. EduCreatorBlog
  3. TheEDtechportal.com
  4. Linkedin
  5. Twitter
  6. Instagram
  7. Clips for video
  8. Free courses for teachers on technology for education
  9. Simulink for virtual trips to different countries and places
  10. GeoGebra
  11. Apple Global Community of Educators

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Podcast 9: A Teacher’s Voice on Technology in Education