Podcast 7: Cloud Computing in the Mission to Support Education

Sean Gardener
Sean Gardener

Sean Gardener is an experienced individual fully engaged in technology in education. He is giving great insights on why it is important to embrace using mobile devices at schools. He is touching interesting points on how to enhance learning through cloud technology. Sean gives an example of how cloud computing helps children to gain knowledge if teacher is not close by and how kids can progress with technology in their learning process. Is school really a place for facilitating learning?

About Tute:

Tute believes great teaching should be accessible to all. We make this happen by delivering small group lessons online, meaning that the cost can be shared.

Tute already supports hundreds of schools and LA’s across the UK and, since our launch in September 2012, have now delivered learning to over 350,000 pupils. We are recommended by Welsh Government to their schools as ‘an intervention that really works,’ and in England two winners of national pupil premium awards deploy Tute.

Our next goal has just been realised in that have launched Tute at Home, the UK’s first small group tutoring service which allows parents/carers to buy their children seats in lessons taught by qualified teachers for just £10 inc VAT. This will mean that high quality teaching is now in reach for the majority of pupils, not the minority.

Our key partners are Achievement for All, Microsoft, Dendrite and Shireland Collegiate Academy, as well as Durham University and the University of Chester with whom we are sponsoring Doctoral students to evolve new online pedagogy.


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Podcast 7: Cloud Computing in the Mission to Support Education