Blue Book


The Blue Book Set includes

  • 1 book of 32 pages of 204 X 145 mm size
  • 5 unique tales about YOUR KID
  • great illustrations
  • 7 photos of YOUR KID printed in the book!
  • softcover
  • extra-white paper with a thickness of 0.3 mm (300 g/m2)
  • semi-matte paper with a very soft surface
  • pages that turn easily and never crease or tear
  • high quality printing
  • eco-friendly

5 customised tales, where your kid is the main character covering the following educative topics:

  • The Story of the Sad Teeth (importance of brushing teeth)
  • The Joy of Giving a Gift (sharing with others and making presents)
  • Tale of a Helpful Kid (importance of helping parents)
  • Why we go to creche/school (going to creche/school depending on the child’s age)
  • Tale about The Land of Chocolate (if keds need to be careful with eating sweets).

Other details:

  • Great illustrations created for you by an artist Katya Dudnik who is helping us to make this great journey to the magic world.
  • The awesome desinger work is done by our great designer Alex Lazorenko who brought to life those great personalisations.
  • Price for the 32 pages set is 25 EUR
  • Production and delivery time is 30 days

We guarantee high quality book printing and 100% customer satisfaction. If you found a mistake in your book we will reprint it for free.


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