Clever Books is a creative company that makes children’s story personal. Kids themselves can be the main character in their high quality printed book. We are inspired by our own kids and really happy to share this great experience with you! This is a proven fact that tales help kids in many ways to develop fantasy and imagination as well as to educate. So why not use tales and make the story personal? This is the concept we have applied in our books. The kid is the main character and the story helps him to understand and apply many useful things like brushing teeth, helping parents, sharing with others and much more!


Daria, CEO/Ireland

Multiple entrepreneur implementing one more idea in life. The idea was born in the family as her husband was using the educative part of the stories he was telling to the kid for upbringing. So why not help other parents with the method that works? And here it comes the project with personalized tales for kids that educate lots of things we are facing in day to day life!

Daria has experience in entrepreneurship, companies set up and development, export-import, business consulting, e-commerce. For more information, visit Linkedin profile.

Thorsten Recker, Operations Manager

Thorsten is half spirit, innovator and co-founder of CleverBooks. Thorsten has experience in operations management and risk analysis. He is working closely with suppliers and services providers, creates smooth operations processes. For more information, visit Linkedin profile.

Lilia Vilchik, Sales&Marketing Manager/Ukraine

Lilia is  working hard on developing CleverBooks presence in Ukraine by setting up strategic partnerships and helping to connect resources for creating great books and delivering them to kids in Ukraine and Russia. For more information visit Linkedin profile.

Tatiyana Nesterenko, Book Designer

Tatiyana is a professional designer of our beautiful books. She has a great experience in publishing design and has been designing kids’ books and magazines for over 15 years.

Kate Dudnik, Illustrator and Artist/Ukraine

A painter Kate Dudnik was born in Izmail (Ukraine) in 1982. Just like any other kid she wanted to become an actress or an archaeologist, or even join the military. Her love for art was engrained in the early childhood, in her dad’s workshop, and this factor was crucial in her choice of profession. Kate received her primary education at the T.G.Shevchenko State Art School, and her higher – at the National Academy of Visual Art and Architecture, Department of painting. Her very first teacher was her own father, with mom as the source of inspiration. Kate Dudnik took part in various exhibitions which helped her become self confident, brought her acclaim and incentives for new creative works. Kind fairy tale characters are the thread that leads us to the subtle mirage of fairy tales and reminds of childhood dreams and favourite toys, reveals secrets of dreams and make you feel slap-happy»

Jivin Engineering Solutions, Technology

Our partnering company in technology part for software customized modules support and development: www.jivintechnologies.com

Jivin Engineering Solutions Private Limited is a niche engineering and technology solutions provider located in Bangalore serving global corporations in their pursuit for faster innovation and technological excellence. Jivin provides Product Engineering Services, R&D Services, IT Services and staffing customized to specific needs of every individual customer.