CleverBooks brings revolutionary approach towards teaching existing subjects by combining truly innovative augmented reality (AR) technology with traditional techniques to enhance children’s learning and building the future of education: “Augmented Reality in a Classroom: an innovative FREE supporting teaching aid”.

The Free innovative AR tool is used as supplementary to the existing primary school curriculum and help educators to individualize class lessons according to children’s’ capabilities and engage them in learning more independently using the key modalities: seeing, hearing and doing. The method of innovative and immersive learning will strongly benefit children with learning difficulties and have larger influence among the less academically successful students by highly-visual impact of AR that brings boring school subjects to life.

CleverBooks’ Mission

CleverBooks delivers most innovative educative products based on technology and traditional education aids and approaches for kids around the world. We strive to empower a new generation of progressive and creative children by delivering most innovative solutions at the most affordable prices because everyone has the right to access technology for efficient and progressive education. 

CleverBooks’ Vision

CleverBooks aims to provide education based on technology and traditional aids for children around the world at affordable prices.

CleverBooks’ Values

Equality: every child in the world has the right to access most innovative technology for education and entertainment (our apps are free).
Responsibility: we create products that can be reused/offered to other generations/kids to use.
Caring about the planet: we create eco-friendly products that do not harm our planet. We use technology that can be modified and used on the same purchased item.
Straightforwardness: we are open and straightforward with our customers and business partners. We are for transparent and mutual benefit relationships. We lead by example.

CleverBooks’ Story

CleverBooks was born at a kitchen table during dinner time in Ireland. We love to tell stories to our kids. All of us. So this is what one family did, making those stories personal and educative. Those stories transformed into a book with pictures and kept the main trait of being personal with the kid’s name inside.

Clever Books is a creative company that makes children’s story personal. Kids themselves can be the main character in their high quality printed book. We are inspired by our own kids and really happy to share this great experience with you! This is a proven fact that tales help kids in many ways to develop fantasy and imagination as well as to educate. So why not use tales and make the story personal? This is the concept we have applied in our books. The kid is the main character and the story helps him to understand and apply many useful things like brushing teeth, helping parents, sharing with others and much more!

Then we worked hard and we discovered virtual worlds. The virtual world was so beautiful and we made up our mind to go ahead and create CleverBooks’ virtual world that can be affordable to as many kids as possible. We have created new stories based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology so kids could read and then play with the characters from the stories right on the pages of the book.


And we loved it together with the kids! After creating those beautiful entertaining book we have thought of a bigger idea and it was working towards the education of kids around the world with the help of Augmented Reality. Currently, our team is working on creating beautiful and affordable products for schools to progress in education and get most innovative solutions to schools at a price of a cup of coffee.

CleverBooks’ Team

Darya, Chief Executive Optimist

Darya Yegorina is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of CleverBooks and other ventures in multiple industries. Darya’s current focus is on emerging technologies for education where she has the mission to deliver the most innovative Augmented Reality technology to schools around the world and to create equal access to technology for kids globally. It is also important for Darya to help other women with motivation to express themselves in business and technology leading by her own example, sharing her own experience and story. In 2018 Darya is already booked to present this non-commercial content at the Innovative Schools Summit (Atlanta, USA) and EdTechX (London and Singapore), Global Female Leaders Summit (Berlin). Darya is called the Innovator by Irish Times, Irish Tech News and Examiner in 2017, was featured in Forbes and selected as one of young Irish best entrepreneurs in 2016.For more information, visit Linkedin profile.

Inna, Creative Business Hunter

Multinational experience in different countries of the world, understanding of business processes, business development and export sales. Inna has extensive international experience in multinational companies in the areas of Project Management, Intercultural Management and Communications, Legal Affairs and International Business Development.

She has a strong understanding of different cultures and the challenges companies face emerging in the international markets. 
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Tatiyana, Designer

Tatiyana is a professional designer of our beautiful books. She has a great experience in publishing design and has been designing kids’ books and magazines for over 15 years.

She is the fairy behind the 2D graphics and designs that make our customers happy when experiencing CleverBooks apps.

Alex, The Magician

Alex is managing the team of developers that work hard to deliver great solutions to our customers. He is implementing the scenarios and crazy ideas that all of us want to see in the apps.

Alex has multiple years of experience in technology, knows how to make Augmented Reality work for the benefit of our users.

Kiril, Bug Reporter

Kiril is a gamer and our insightful tester. He finds bugs and reports them immediately. Kiril knows and feels what our users want and guides our magic team to develop the perfect apps.

Lena, Agile Genius

Lena coordinates our development team work. She is very strict with deadlines and very creatives with ideasthat suit both: our developers and our user team. Lena finds the ways to complete projects on time and is very passionate about what she does.

Helena, Marketing Fairy

Helena has experience in marketing and PR. She is playing an important role in our company because she is busy every day delivering information and updates to our customers and partners. Helena is great in generating marketing ideas and helps a lot to spread a word of a mouth about what we do.

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Katya Dudnik, Illustrator and Artist

Just like any other kid she wanted to become an actress or an archaeologist, or even join the military. Her love for art was ingrained in the early childhood, in her dad’s workshop, and this factor was crucial in her choice of profession. Katya received her primary education at the T.G.Shevchenko State Art School, and her higher – at the National Academy of Visual Art and Architecture, Department of painting. Kind fairy tale characters are the thread that leads us to the subtle mirage of fairy tales and reminds of childhood dreams and favorite toys reveals secrets of dreams and make you feel slap-happy

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Our great interns that are very exceptional and we love them!

Michelle is a super start in user design. She has done a lot of magic to help our users understand what we do.

Her areas of expertise are research, marketing, branding, editorial design and front end digital design.

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 Luke has an intense interest in solving challenging problems using technology. And he does is really well!

His driving ambition is to create software that will have a profound and positive impact on industries and society.

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